Real-time insight with workstate software

At Workrate, we work from the perspective of our customers and finetune our security to their organisations. In this way, we keep on reinventing ourselves. We are flexible in terms of solutions but strict in terms of execution. Our services will grow along with your needs, and you can always expect more from us.

This customer-oriented approach forms the beating heart of our culture. Also, we make our security services personal by setting up a dedicated security team for your organisation. This means you have direct access to your own account manager as your central contact. This account manager forms part of the team and trains and supervises the security guards.

the security compliance suite

Our customers require real-time insight into their security processes. That’s why we developed: WorkState 2.0. All actions and events are recorded and tracked in a transparent and accessible manner, which always keeps you in control at a glance. WorkState also allows you to conveniently print reports, for example, to support annual audits. All modules that you add to WorkState are interconnected, which makes it easy to measure the level of compliance.

Information management

By linking the modules to the information management system, you can be sure that all forms and events are responded to and acted upon. The system allows you to easily add tasks, notifications, incidents and different labels, and assign these to contacts.


This module gives you control over the flow of goods for your employees, suppliers and customers. It also offers insight into your loading bay. The digital signature from security shows you who was responsible for reception and handling.

Custom Forms

You can create your own forms for all work processes, including periodic checks, checklists and audit forms. These forms are fully customized and adapted to the relevant workflows.

Access Management

Take full control of your access policy and shorten handling time. The digital signature, for example, will enable you to help your visitors considerably faster. This module also offers immediate clarity about whether or not a visitor should be allowed access.

Digital Work Permit

Manage visitors in combination with all the work that takes place at your site. This module helps you remain constantly informed and in control.