Our training courses are characterized by an interactive style of teaching. It is important to “strike the right chords” for optimum results. During this course, we aim for an optimum combination of practical knowledge and subject matter to create added value. During the course, you will be trained as an official responsible for implementing the required security measures in accordance with EU Regulation 2015/1998. This official will also manage access to the EU database. In three days, you will be trained for the Cito Air Freight Security Advisor exam (“Beveiliging Adviseur Luchtvracht”, BAL).

You must pass this exam successfully before we can issue the official certificate. The certificate is valid for one year and allows you to work as an Air Freight Security Advisor during this period. The Dutch legislation requires that Air Freight Security Advisors follow a recurrent course each year, in order to be able to work as an Air Freight Security Advisor for another maximum period of one year. After four recurrent courses over a period of 5 years, you must re-take the Cito exam in addition to the recurrent course.

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