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As an accredited training institution, Workrate is fully certified to provide various training courses and certification procedures. From the moment when people and/or goods enter your building or site until the moment when they leave your site, we can take care of implementation and compliance with the required security measures. In addition, we can support you in managing risk within your organisation.

Over the years, the focus on security in the Secure Supply Chain has grown considerably worldwide. Workrate’s consultants have been successfully supporting companies in the logistics industry towards a Known Cosignor (KC) or Regulated Agent (RA) status since 2008, in recent years often in combination with an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) permit.

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Course information

Our courses can be offered at our own training locations or on-site. Find the course below that best suits your needs.

Air cargo agent

All staff carrying out inspections or other tasks with identifiable air cargo require ..

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Air cargo inspector

This two-day course trains students ..

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Air cargo security consultant

Our training courses are characterized by an interactive style of teaching..

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Airport supplies employee

Staff members working with airport supplies must also be trained in accordance with Article of EU Regulation 2015/1998. ..

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Employee flight equipment

Trained to prevent manipulation by unauthorized persons..

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Security Awareness

Security awareness is a very important aspect of all our training courses..

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