Working with our Human Systems

We believe in a golden combination of people and technology. We combine our tried and tested systems with human intelligence, providing you with the best possible end result. We achieve this by building a system of clear processes and associated software around the security guard and by ensuring that the interaction and relationship between the three components of man, process and software function optimally

Because our security guards receive maximum support, they have the opportunity, time and space to focus on a welcoming reception.

We call this Human Systems and apply this to all sites where we operate.


How do we guarantee that we are compliant and can prove that? In a series of articles, we describe the separate parts of Human Systems. How are these used and why it is indispensable, in combination with the other components.

Human Systems - Human

Excellent security requires smart interaction between people and systems – Dedicated Teams

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Human Systems - Systems

Optimal security with WorkState

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