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Excellent security requires smart interaction between people and systems - Dedicated teams

Threats are changing with the rapidly developing technology as well as with the tightening of regulations. So how do you guarantee that you are still compliant and able to proof it? In a series of articles, we’ll talk about the use of our ‘Human Systems’, the combination of human intelligence with systems and processes to achieve this.

Workrate is a recognized specialist when it comes to the security of data centres, ports and logistics companies. With the Human Systems concept, Workrate offers a combination of dedicated security experts with streamlined systems and processes. This offers customers the certainty of excellent security, which evincible complies with the latest legislation and regulations.

Good security requires error-free systems and processes, but especially dedicated people who know exactly what they are doing. The Workrate security officers work in independent teams that focus specifically on one customer. That keeps the lines short and the security sharp in an increasingly complex world that changes continuously.

Fast-growing Workrate keeps short lines and independently operating teams for individual customers. “We call this Dedicated Teams,” says account manager Sergey Shakhvorostov. “Many security companies only supply people. Our Dedicated Teams know the location and the system well and operate like a real team. That is one of the reasons more and more customers choose Workrate.”

“They are experts who know their environment well and are always willing to go one step further”

All Workrate employees are guided and supported by processes and systems that minimize the chance of errors, Shakhvorostov says. “That is the core of Human Systems. Our people all work in the same way. Employees are more than just security guards. They are experts who know their environment well and are always willing to go one step further.”

The team is available for the customer 24/7. Not the head office, but the account manager in the field is responsible for managing the team. Responding directly and adequately to the wishes of the customer is the highest priority. The independent team receives support from Workrate’s headquarters in areas such as Human Resources, finance and IT.

“As an account manager you are the link between the customer, the team and the Workrate system,” says Shakhvorostov. “Flexibility is paramount because it may be necessary to switch quickly. You also think about what the right decision is for the long term. You capture all possible actions and details, while at the same time looking ahead and anticipating. That gives control.”

The dedicated team consists of a mix of permanent employees and flexible employees who can alternate. “This keeps the team and the people flexible. We often work in a complex environment that changes a lot. Work instructions are regularly adjusted. We train new employees extensively and monitor them. They can only go into the deep water, if they can swim well.”

“The atmosphere is great. Our people help each other and stand up for each other.”

A dedicated team has more benefits, according to Shakhvorostov. “The schedule is always filled with people from our own team who have knowledge of the specific location and the customer. Guards are not interchanged with other locations, so there is always a familiar face at the front desk. That provides better service, for example in the guidance of visitors.”

A dedicated Workrate team is like a close family, according to Shakhvorostov. The account manager is responsible for recruiting, selecting and training his people. According to him, the customer doesn’t need to be involved. “The atmosphere is great. Our people help each other and stand up for each other.”

Account manager Sergey Shakhvorostov (35) has been working at Workrate since 2012. He started as a security officer and developed from team leader to account manager. He was recently responsible for the rollout of Human Systems at a major customer in Germany. Shakhvorostov is married, has three children and lives in Oosthuizen, the Netherlands.


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