Workrate has been the external security partner for DFDS since January 2016.

““Switching over to a different security company is not something one does easily, so we really took all available options into consideration.
After a tender process, Workrate came out on top. Of course, it took some time and energy to set up a new security organisation, but thanks to Workrate’s approach – using a local team leader who is allowed to set up their own team – we soon found the right people with the right attitude. After that, it was simply a question of finetuning.
During the entire process, Workrate has shown themselves to be incredibly professional and helpful.

What we like best are the short communication lines, the no-nonsense approach and the Workstate software package with its numerous reporting options. That’s why we recently extended the contract by three years, which is of course not something we would do if we were not satisfied with the quality and our cooperation with Workrate.””

Operations Director Ralph Bosveld at DFDS


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