Working hard is in our name

The term workrate originates from the sports world and stands for a team’s joint effort and work intensity. A high work rate enables players to effectively anticipate future game situations. This principle blends in seamlessly with the philosophy of our founders.

Founders Jop Wolff and Michiel Muller started Workrate in 2003 with a fresh outlook on the security market. Shortly thereafter, the team was joined by a third partner, Eelco Wiertsema. This team likes to do things differently, better and faster. Rather than merely doing what all other security companies do, we take a customer-centric approach. As a result, Workrate has successfully grown into a mature market challenger. We go further than what is expected from us – we think along with our customers, and we anticipate and embrace the future. This is clearly valued by our customers, who give our services an average score of 8.9.

“Our customers give our service an average score of 8.9”

If you are active in the world of data centres, port companies or logistics, you will be used to dealing with the high regulatory pressure in the area of security. Workrate will take this entire burden off your shoulders. We do so not only by deploying enthusiastic and responsible professionals at security locations but also by developing our WorkState software, training employees and giving advice. Entrusting these distracting security tasks to us will allow you to focus on your core business and the aspects of your business that matter most to you.

“We are the market leader in data center security, but our ambition goes further”

Workrate is a market leader in data center security in the Netherlands. While this is something we are proud of, our ambition goes much further. Our customers ask us to grow along with them internationally. We could not wish for a better compliment!

This is why Workrate is active in all large data centre nodes and why we are able to operate in a market that almost literally knows no boundaries.