Expect more

In 2003, the founders built Workrate without looking at other security companies. Instead, they took customers as a starting point. They took a good look at the way they set up their business operations and adjusted the organization accordingly. The aim was to put the customer first and continuously improve the service. The concept turned out to be a bull’s eye.

Our mission

At Workrate we work according to our principles from day one. These are principles that are deeply rooted in our entire company, and that form the basis for everything we do. These are principles that we have established in our manifesto and should lead to a culture of continuous improvement within our company. Our mission is, therefore, best described in the following 2 words:

Expect more manifest

We are Workrate.
We specialize in datacentre, ports and logistics security.
Working hard is our middle name.
In fact, it IS our name.
A sports term that refers to a team’s joint effort.
We believe in Human Systems,
The combination of human intelligence and systematic processes.
It’s why you can expect more control,
Because our software provides real-time insight into the security of your business.
It’s why you can expect more transparency,
Because we work with tried and tested processes.
Expect more ownership,
Coming from your dedicated team,
Available to you 24/7.
Expect a personal approach with
More focus,
More innovation,
More security
When working with us.
So you have more peace of mind.

Wij zijn Workrate