Switch to Workrate

We are used to helping customers switch over to our services. After a switch, it usually takes 1-2 months before we can finally start, which gives us sufficient time to make the necessary preparations for optimal service. By designing clear processes, adapting and configuring the software and training the people at your site, we can ensure a smooth transition.


So how do we go about this?

We keep things simple. We know how important it is to provide proper training and guidance to people. We keep our lines of communication short and will provide you with a team of experts to set up everything on your side. Our HR Manager will discuss the optimal composition of the team with you, while our Operations Director will make sure the relevant staff are well prepared and trained in the use of the work instructions. Our Software Consultant will link your systems to Workstate’s system, and our Finance Director will ensure that invoicing runs smoothly.


1. Team setup

We always contact the existing security company. We also honour any collective labour agreement (CAO), which means that with a contract of 15,000 hours or more, we will take over the existing staff. If the contract involves fewer hours, we will discuss the most appropriate course of action with you. We believe it is important to properly guide and train staff in our way of working during a takeover. In the months before the takeover, employees will attend several training sessions and individual interviews. In consultation with you, we will assign an account manager, who will be working as part of the team, manage and train their team, and act as your first point of contact.

If no staff is taken over, we will propose several candidates for the position of account manager. After you have selected a candidate, we will help this new account manager shape their team.


2. Work instructions

Before we start working at the site, we will prepare a set of digital work instructions. We will make an inventory of everything present and add what is missing. We will then submit our plan to you for your approval.


3. Software configuration

Our Software Consultant will link your existing systems to our software, so that you always have real-time, on-the-fly insight into what is happening at your site. You will, of course, be trained in using this software.


What do you need to do?

We like to keep things as simple as possible for you. The only thing expected from you is that you review and approve the work instructions. You will also spend some time discussing your wishes concerning the team, invoicing and the software. We will schedule biweekly meetings with the account manager and formulate KPIs.